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mutual aid during the coronavirus pandemic

the government will not help us, we need to help each other, here are some resources as to how we go about doing that

various mutual aid groups and resources for starting your own mutual aid group

more resource and mutual aid groups and general information

and to add, there has been a call for a general strike if the united states does not implement medicare for all in response to this crisis by april 1st. if there is not medicare for all by then, we grind the economy to a screeching halt starting april 2nd until everyone is cared for. if the government can pull over $1 trillion out of their ass for a 30 minute bump in the stock market, they have no fucking excuse to not give us medicare for all.

here is more detailed information on the care strike
there are more mutual aid links, direct action tips, etc on that account to look into as well.
if there is not a mutual aid group in your area and you would be interested in starting one, this is a good resource on how to start that

i myself am VERY new to all this so i'm probably not the best person to ask specific questions. however, i am part of a discord server full of experienced organizers run by this person. if you're interested, go ahead and look in the 'org discord' highlight on their page for the link.

we will get through this together and we will be better for it. i have a good feeling about this, despite how bleak things look at the moment.

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if someone does have any questions about living among the pandemic, please feel free to PM me. i've lived/worked in China for a year and a half now and obviously through the worst of the virus. things are looking hopeful here and I can probably help put anxieties to rest

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