gold star bisexual

genderqueer dyke that likes cats and is tired a lot. mostly just here to support the cool artists, make shitposts, and rant about the books i'm currently reading.

do not interact

about me

basic info

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-mid 20's

-they/them, she/her (preferrably they but she doesn't bother me)

-genderqueer femme

-bi dyke

-adhd cat lady

-heres my carrd:


music of all kinds, queer culture, bi+ & trans activism, horror films and web series, leftist politics, animals, goth culture, star wars, books, pretty parks, small cottages in the middle of nowhere, witchcraft (crystals, tarot, candles, and incense are my fave), and learning about anything and everything i can

things to note

i won't do discourse here, that's why i left tumblr, so don't bring it here. if you have a problem with how i identify then don't follow me


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